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From ideation to final delivery, we can coordinate the whole gamut of production services for your ease of mind.

* For corporate clients only

With a focus on narrative support, our creative consultancy services include Pre-Visualisation & Creative Direction. 


Using 3D storyboarding software, we help our clients visualise their narrative as they would like to see it, prior to principal photography. From camera angles and action sequences to character styling and set design, our pre-viz turns words on a script into a visual map for the narrative journey.

Production is also a costly affair, so pre-visualization allows our clients to make pre-emptive decisions that could save a production from going into the red.

Where production management is concerned, VTM is your one-stop shop. From budgeting to hiring technical crew, casting and even post-production, we got you covered.


A full service package that includes story development and creative consultancy.


Crew-only packages, that you can mix-and-match with other ala carte items to suit your story telling needs. 


A crew suite package with a selected celebrity fronting your campaign.

On Deck 

Need a document to pitch investors or a network? Network Executives don’t often have time to read through 90-page screenplays, to assess if they want to give you money to produce it. Much less an entire series. Lucky for you, we got hands on deck, literally. A deck, or proposal, can be prepared that will support this pitching process.

Creative Direction

Every ship needs a captain. Interpreting text into a visual medium takes careful planning and well-thought strategies before execution.

VTM Directors are lead story builders. They craft suitable visual styles, based on pre-existing scripts, for the narrative. Giving purpose to a simple dolly shot or picking the right frame size, can create varying responses from the audience. 

In project development, VTM story builders can take on 3 literary functions.

Facilitating Writers' Room sessions

Drafting Proposals

Scripting Screenplays


Prior to production, our story builders can dive deep into the process of scripting a screenplay. The blueprint for the entire project. This is the narrative document that will serve as the backbone of the final media, which the audience will watch.

The Writers’ Room

Germination of an idea starts here. Developing a film or series can be time consuming. So we like to throw a few geniuses together in a room (that often includes our client) to lay the foundations of the narrative journey for the audience. We facilitate these sessions so that the screenplay and, subsequently, the principal photography, can proceed in a timely and productive manner.