our MIssion

is to create...


Just as the spokes of a bicycle wheel prevent it from falling apart, the pillar of integrity is fundamental in keeping our projects together.

As media professionals navigating the waters of fictional narrative, it is of utmost importance that our story builders are committed to maintaining the integrity of truthfulness to their craft.

This paves the way for sincere, heart-felt stories that will sustain and endure the test of time.

who we are...


Passion is what upholds our tenacity to strive for excellence. A focussed, courageous, diligent, and resilient mindset assures our projects can sail passionately through the roughest of weather.

For the love of stories, we put in every bit of our heart, mind, sweat and sometimes blood, into our craft. Yes, you read that right. Blood.

In case you haven’t noticed, the cross, a symbol of Christ’s passion for humanity, is at the centre of our emblem.


that INSPIRes

VERYTAY Media (VTM) is a humble boutique film and television production company based in Singapore, founded by Alaric (Tay); One of the original cast members of the acclaimed International Emmy nominated series The Noose.

Birthed from the passion and desire to entertain, VTM is committed to produce stories that can bring about creativity, enjoyment and celebrate the incredible human spirit. To create premium content that inspires the human mind, and capture the hearts of our audience.

The name, VERYTAY, is a play on Alaric’s family name and the French word Verite, which means Truth; the foundation that upholds our core pillars of Integrity, Passion & Creativity.

Armed with these pillars as our code of conduct, we seek like-minded talents and clientele, to set sail with us. To collaborate and form partnerships that could become the start of an exciting narrative voyage, together.

premium content ...

our pillars


Being creative is fundamental in what we do. Basic, even.

The ability to take an idea and turn it on its head, is very much celebrated aboard VTM. We encourage our story builders to think outside the box and innovate. To be unusual yet relevant to the story. ​To inspire by being creative, and allow their creativity to be inspired by other creations.